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💪🏻 Feminist Creating sound images @kokoronobudo
✊🏻 One of the queens of the gang @gangreines
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There are photographers who are said to want to leave their mark on the world. Bee Lumen, I believe that it is our traces that she wants to capture and invite us to look at. We, her contemporaries, and she with us, who leave traces that we no longer assume on Gaïa. Who trace people rather than tracing paths together. Who trace our worries or the contours of a future all mapped out, rather than being present. She works the border. Through political statements without homeland. By the border objects of the human body. By the blur, by the distant, by the transparency, by the truncated, by the tones between the colors. By the synchronicity. Trace of a possible borderlessness between humans, space and time, in a great whole. Bee Lumen is an author who approaches her fortieth year in her native land, Le Mans. Her work is very much influenced by her years of living in London and next to New York, the event business. Cosmopolitan. Liberal. On the move. The borderline of society and humans, she also apprehended it by a Master in psychosociology and the accompaniment of autistic people. Complex. Serious. In place. Because Bee Lumen, what she invites us to look at, what she shows us that is not visible, she does it out of love. Spiritual love. The one that pushes us to commit ourselves, sometimes in the dark, on the tracks of a conscious and respectful human condition, to live in peace. Her heart, her guts, her brain, her hand and her eye. Everything aligns in her images, to touch us where we consent, where we need, where we must.
Emmanuelle Salas